I was hired to manage the Shared Source community at Sitecore. In this position I will draw on my knowledge on the .NET framework using C#, ASP.NET and XSLT among other web technologies.

Prior to coming to Sitecore I used to work with SharePoint(MOSS) and search engine technology for a company called Mondosoft.

 With these capabilities and a strong interest in the way of open source, I am bound to set up and maintain the Shared Source community which includes testing modules and controlling the quality of the code that is put out to the community to download.

11 Responses to “About”

  1. Love the work your doing. Thanks. I have one question about the youtube Integration Module. It doesn’t seem to create the rendering needed. Is that the case or did my module not install correctly. When I watch the youtube video of this module it shows a rendering. I’m guessing I wll need to create a rendering myself?

  2. Hi – Thanks for keeping this up-to-date. I’m probably just missing it, but is there a link to the Shared Source Library on this weblog? I’m having problems finding it.

  3. Can I commit to trac.sitecore.net under Open Source license (MIT)?

    • Yes, You can use any open source license that you want. I use the Sitecore shared source license if the module only contains Sitecore code but if I include dll’s or something in that order that have a for instance GPL license I use that one.

  4. Hi there.
    I really miss the search function on this site, and also the category access. I was looking for instant messaging modules for SIP, and a Google search on this site, gave no results.

  5. Hi there, it works, thx a lot. Lovely with WP widgets eh 🙂

  6. Hi

    On trac could a section be added that links to Open Source projects hosted on other repositories such as GitHub or CodePlex?


    • A search on Codeplex gives me three modules and one is already on the Shared Source Library and the second can be found through the visual studio gallery when searching for Sitecore. the last module is for Umbraco.
      I see the same pattern on GitHub where the repositories found there has a similar module on Shared Source Library. So if the list of modules grows in these places I think it could be a good idea to have a list that links to these repositories.

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