Introducing the Marketplace

At the Symposium in Amsterdam the Marketplace was announced. The Marketplace will first up be the new home for all the Sitecore shared source modules and later also the App Center modules and Sitecore’s product modules.


When building the Marketplace we have taken the feedback that we got for the Shared Source Library on Trac and tried to meet many of the obstacles that people found using it.

From a users perspective we have made finding the module you were looking for easier by using the Lucene engine and our own Taxonomy module which let’s contributors classify their modules project space so using tags will also show them the module in the search result.

From a contributor’s perspective it is now possible for them to get statistics on how many times their module has been downloaded and it has also been made easier to let the contributor know what you think of the module by rating, recommending and writing a review.


All the Shared Source modules on Trac have been moved to the marketplace and mapped to the contributor’s SDN account, if your module isn’t listed on your profile let me know and it will be fixed.

For now the source is still on the Trac’s SVN repository but the plan is to have it moved to another location, the contributor can select the one they prefer, I can recommend Codeplex or Github.

So the documentation and package will be available on the Marketplace and the source will be available where the contributors chooses.

So we are calling on all the contributors to help move the source away from Trac’s SVN.

Hope you all go visit the new Marketplace and if you have any feedback please let me know.

You can also see a video here of how to create and setup a project space on marketplace.

Happy coding and sharing!


~ by Jimmie Overby on October 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Introducing the Marketplace”

  1. Hello Jimmie,

    Looks great, It’s like all dreams which we saw during shared source module comes true!

    I can see that in future developers will be crazy to share their contribution via Marketplace!

    So, Sitecore aficionados, happy sharing! [Also, you can see stats. — which tells you how much your sharing is helpful!]

    Happy Sitecoring!,

  2. An entire post about the Marketplace (looks great by the way), yet not one single link to it! I had to google to find it.

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