Six Shared Source Modules in June

This month six new modules got added to the Sitecore Shared Source Library. A module to set data source location on your sub layouts with a query, a redirect manager that keeps the rank of a page and allows you to redirect to either an item or a section on your site. There is a Windows application which gives you a better overview of those Sitecore log files, the UI test framework that Sitecore uses, an accessibility checker which checks your content against various standards and a module that allows you to super easy add a data set to a page.

The Sub layout Queryable Data source allow you to select the datasource location of the Sublayouts / Renderings with a query in place of setting it statically.


Then after selecting your sub layout this dialog box opens and selects the layouts from the settings seen here.


The module was contributed by Benjamin Vangansewinkel who you can find blogging here and watch the YouTube video on how to use the module here.

The Sitecore Redirect Manager module helps you to keep the rank and search rating for pages which were replaced, moved or removed from your site.

The module allows you to redirect in three ways

  • From item to item – redirect one page to another;
  • From section to item – redirect website section to one page;
  • From section to section – redirect website section to another section.
  • image

    The module was contributed by Alexander Davyduk from Sitecore.

    The SC Log Explorer is a windows application that gives you an easy and simple overview of your Sitecore log files. I find it way easier than looking at the log files than the log viewer in the Sitecore desktop.


    The module was contributed by Kiran Patil who you can find blogging here.

    The Sitecore .Net UI Test Framework is a tool that helps you create functional UI tests for Sitecore Products, including Sitecore Desktop and Sitecore Page Editor.

    The module was contributed by Alexey Vaschenko, one of the Sitecore QA engineers.

    The Accessibility Checker Module makes use of the Open Source Accessibility AChecker to allow editors to check their content against various accessibility standards including:

        WCAG 2.0 (A-AAA)
        BITV (Germany)
        Section 508 (US)


    The module works in two ways, one as a Field or Item Validator, also as a live preview with errors and warning highlighted.

    The module was contributed by John Penfold, a technical pre-sales consultant for Sitecore.

    The Datasets Module is Sitecore component that allows you to create a data set very easily. Pointing to a list of Sitecore items you can select the fields that you want to show in your data set as shown in the image below.


    The module was contributed by Paul Martin who you can find blogging here and visit the project room to download the module and read the extensive documentation on how to use and extend the module.

    Happy coding and sharing!

    ~ by Jimmie Overby on June 29, 2012.

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