Item URL Tool, Friendly Item Names, Mongo DB Data Provider,

This time around we have a module that can easily find an item for you by pasting it’s URL into the content editor and reverse by getting the URL from an item. A module that automatically renames a string on a selected template to whatever you set. A data provider that allows you to use the MongoDB instead of the SQL Server with a performance benefit.

The MongoDB DataProvider is a Data Provider for Sitecore that allows you to run a Sitecore database on MongoDB instead of SQL Server or Oracle.

The module was contributed by Robin Hermanussen who you can find blogging here.

In his post here he describes the benefits in performance when using MongoDB over SQL Server

The Friendly Item Names module lets you control the names of the items that editors create.

So after you in the module’s settings have specified which templates it should work for an entry will then auto rename a character to what you have specified.


So if your Danish editors use ‘ø’ in a text it will automatically get renamed to ‘oe’. You can create your own list of entries for what should be renamed into.

The module was contributed by Morten Ljungberg who you can find blogging here.

The Item URL Tool provides a Sitecore user the ability to quickly retrieve a URL for an item as well as the ability to search for an item by its URL.

So be right clicking on an item you can select the URL of an item like so


You will be presented with this dialog box


Which copies the URL to your clipboard.

It also works the other way around, so you can quickly find an item based on the URL. Simply paste the URL into the quick search and it will find the item for you.


The module was contributed by Tim Braga who you can find blogging about the module and other Sitecore stuff here with the rest of the gang from Velir Studios.

Happy coding and sharing!


~ by Jimmie Overby on June 4, 2012.

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