Photo Album, Compare Servers, Edit Form and the Enhanced Template Builder

Since the last post we have added four cool modules to the shared source library. A photo album to create and browse through your collection of images, a module to compare the items on two different servers, a module that allows you to copy paste multiple items at the time and last a module that gives you some nice functionality when building your templates.

The Photo Album module allows you to create your own photo album, upload photos and view albums from all users.

You can view an image in details or view all the images in the album in a slide show.


The module was contributed by Vladimir Rybak.

The purpose of the Compare Servers module is to help developers/administrators detect and help correct differences between Sitecore server environments. It is geared towards synchronizing items in a DEV or TEST environment with a PROD environment.


Each node in the treeview represents a comparison between the item on the Test and Prod environment and depending on the status of the item it will be represented with an icon for example if there are no differences, if the item is missing on either the local or compare database.

The module was contributed by Paul Martin.

The Edit Form module provides the content editors with the ability to perform multiple tasks at once such as copy, cut, and delete as you can see in the screenshot below.


The module was contributed by Tim Braga who you can find blogging here with a blog post describing this module in further details here.

The Enhanced Template Builder allows the user to easily create and edit templates.

When clicking the image button highlighted in the screenshot, a screenshot of the field type will open so you know what kind of type you are about to add to your template.


The buttons next to the source field will open up a query field so that you can see which results it yields.


You can read a more about the module in the post Tim wrote here.

This module was also contributed by Tim Braga from Velir Studios.

Happy coding and sharing!

~ by Jimmie Overby on April 23, 2012.

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