Sitecore PowerShell Console, Analytics Database Manager, Glass Sitecore Mapper and Traffic Generator.

This time we have four new modules for the Sitecore Shared Source Library and an updated version of the Google Maps module with a list of new features. The Sitecore PowerShell Console for the Sitecore admin, the Analytics Database Manager that can help you optimize your Sitecore Analytics,the Glass Sitecore Mapper for mapping items directly onto an object model and the Traffic Generator that can help you simulate traffic for your site and show it in the Executive Dashboard.

The Sitecore PowerShell Console module is a very cool application for the Sitecore administrator. It embeds a PowerShell Console into Sitecore and allows you to update a list of items, renaming a bunch of media library items and much more.


The module was contributed by Adam Najmanowicz who you can find blogging here.

With the Analytics Database Manager you get an application that makes it easier to perform tasks as cleaning up unnecessary data from the Analytics database and remove bots among the features.


The Glass Sitecore Mapper is an object mapping framework which allows you to map Sitecore items onto an object model. This will allow you to unit test your code with simple .Net classes.

The module was contributed by Mike Edwards who you can find blogging on the module here.

The Traffic Generator can simulate network traffic for your Sitecore site so that you can emulate different scenarios for people visiting your site and following the patterns that you wish to test and goals and campaigns you wish to have triggered. This will be presented in the Executive Dashboard.



The Google Maps module was updated by IE to API version 3.0 and new features has been added.


You can read more about the new features in the latest version of the Google Maps module on the IE blog here.

Happy coding and sharing!

~ by Jimmie Overby on December 7, 2011.

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