OpenCalais Integration, Alias Pattern, the 301 Redirect Module and the WeBlog 2.0 has been released.

Since my last post we have added several new modules to the Sitecore Shared Source Library and WeBlog 2.0 was released after the developers working on the module visited the Copenhagen Office for the WeBlog event.

WeBlog Event

During the week starting Monday 17th October, the three developers who are working on the WeBlog module visited the Sitecore HQ in Copenhagen. They were here to release WeBlog 2.0, to meet Sitecore employees and to get more information on what to expect from Sitecore in the future.

The module project was started by Mark van Aalst. He was later joined by Nick Wesselman and Alistair Deneys and they have together built a very cool blog module for Sitecore with a lot of features. For example, inline editing, Live Writer integration, WordPress import and the list goes on.


I think it was a great week. I had the opportunity to meet the guys in person as I usually only talk to them through email. I hope they also had a good time and found the information sharing valuable.

To download the popular Shared Source module you can visit the WeBlog project room here.

The OpenCalais Integration module allows you to to automatically discover semantic relations between your content, Create relevant tags in the Sitecore Taxonomy and tag your content with those by integrating the Sitecore Taxonomy Module, WeBlog Module or any Sitecore item based taxonomy seamlessly with OpenCalais service without additional development.


So after adding the content to your item, you simply select the auto tag item and you get this.


It works really well and the tags created make sense and you still have the option of fine tuning the weights and tags for the item at any time.

Adam Najmanowicz contributed the module and you can find his blog here.

The Alias Pattern Module supports regular expression matching for item aliasing. It stores the rules as items within Sitecore.

After installing the module you get a folder where you store all your patterns that you are going to be using for your site.

The 301 Redirect Module supports both exact match URLs and regular expression matching for 301 redirects. It stores these rules as items within Sitecore.

It follows the same approach as the Alias Pattern module but links to a page instead of using an alias to point to another page.

Chris Castle, a solution architect from Sitecore US , contributed the Alias Pattern and 301 Redirect module.

Until next time, happy coding and sharing.


~ by Jimmie Overby on October 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “OpenCalais Integration, Alias Pattern, the 301 Redirect Module and the WeBlog 2.0 has been released.”

  1. The redirect module doesn’t work if you’ve configured encodeNameReplacements in Web.config. You need to add a method to un-encode them. Something along the lines of:

    private static void UnencodeNameReplacements(ref string path)
    XmlNode encodeNameReplacements = Sitecore.Configuration.Factory.GetConfigNode(

    XmlNodeList replaces = encodeNameReplacements.ChildNodes;

    foreach (XmlNode replace in replaces)
    if (replace.Attributes[“mode”].Value == “on”)
    path = path.Replace(

  2. Hi guys,
    At Igloo Digital, we’ve added a few features to the 301 redirect module, mainly around redirecting certain query strings as we’ve had some issues with the image library in some projects.

    You can download the updated package from GitHub here:

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