Taxonomy, Search and a nice Productivity Tools module

This time around we have cool module that allows you to create a post it note on an item if you want to remind you of something or if you are an administrator you can create a post it note that everyone with access to an item can read. The module also comes with a discussion board so people can discuss content on an item by posting messages to each other.

A taxonomy module which allows you to categorize the content on your site and some sample controls to display the tags on your site and locating the content items attached to that tag.

A search module for SIP from eSearch that includes a demo setup and how to get started.

The Productivity Tools module combines small helpers that could be used to improve editor productivity when working with Sitecore.

After installing the module you will get three icons next to the language and version selector in the top right corner.


The first icon allows you to create a personal note on an item that you have access to and the text will appear on top of the item. The second icon is a global notification meaning that if you have administrator rights you can post a note on an item that everyone can see. The last icon adds a discussion board on an item where your editors can discuss issues on an item.


You can also see a short video review of the module here or visit the ShareSitecore YouTube channel.

The Taxonomy module allows you to classify the content on your site and after installing the package you get a some sample tags to see how it works. You can of course remove them and create the categorization that suits your site.


The package also contains controls which allows you to see content items from the selecting a tag. You can also use them as an inspiration to create your own control and display the tags as you see fit.

The eSearch module is the Sitecore package for which you can try a demo of the eSearch search for the Sitecore Intranet Portal. eSearch provides a connector to Sitecore which enables it to index all of the items on the site.

From the project room you can download the Sitecore package, an installer of eSearch to try out eSearch and a PDF on how to set everything up.

This was the latest batch of modules added to the Shared Source Library and as always if you have a module that know will benefit other Sitecore developers and want to contribute it to the Shared Source Library feel free to contact me.

Happy coding!


~ by Jimmie Overby on September 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Taxonomy, Search and a nice Productivity Tools module”

  1. how do i use the tags in XSLT contains funtion to implemnet the search

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