Globe Dashboard, Publish Viewer, Razor for Sitecore, EviTwitter & Jungle Torch

It has been a while since my last post, so I thought that I would get you all up to speed on the modules that has been released on the Shared Source Library since then.

The Globe Dashboard module uses the WebGL by the Google Data Arts Team to visualize the analytics data gathered in Sitecore. It is supports Sitecore 6.5 with the new DMS.


The module was contributed by Alexander Doroshenko who you can find blogging here.

The Publish Viewer module shows the current running Publishing Jobs as well as additional background jobs and agents to the user with useful information.


It was contributed by Mrunal Brahmbhatt, you can find him blogging here.

The Razor for Sitecore module uses the open-source Razor Engine to allow you to create renderings using the Razor syntax.

You can read more about the module on its project room and download the package. The module was contributed by Robert Jongkind.


With the EviTwitter module you can add a user control to your site and specify a Twitter username or keyword/hashtag to see the timeline. The module was contributed by Vincent van Middendorp, you can find him blogging here.


The Jungle Torch module is a tool for SEO reporting, social network analysis and inbound marketing. The module allows you to open the Jungle Torch dashboard from the Sitecore desktop and setup your search from there.

You can visit the project room for more information on how it works.


There have also been some updates on existing Shared Source modules. The Quick Item Search module now works on all Sitecore 6.x thanks to Kiran Patil. The AdRotator module had some issues with passing parameter values which was fixed by Sitecore MVP Alistair Deneys, he is blogging here.

If you have a module that you want to share with the rest of the Sitecore developer community don’t hesitate to send me a mail.

Happy coding!


~ by Jimmie Overby on June 27, 2011.

One Response to “Globe Dashboard, Publish Viewer, Razor for Sitecore, EviTwitter & Jungle Torch”

  1. Wow, Good modules!

    Nice to see good contributions in Shared Source module! [If you haven’t contributed yet, pls don’t wait for so long drop mail to Jimmie and start contributing!].

    Happy Sharing! 🙂

    Kiran Patil

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