Published Item Comparer, Cache Tuner, Move Validator and Design Support–new Shared Source modules

Since my last post we have added some more modules to the Shared Source library and others have been updated to either work on the latest version of Sitecore or fix a cross reference to a class name already being used by Sitecore.

The Published Item Comparer module compares the selected item in the content tree against the same item in the web database. You can see a brief output by selecting compare item in the publishing tab or view the item by opening up a new instance of the content editor on the same item so no need to traverse the tree to find it.


The module was contributed by Tim Braga who is also blogging about the module here.

The Cache Tuner module is for you who wants to fine tune the cache and this tool gives you a nice overview by showing you how much cache is being used and gives suggestions on what sections might have a too large a size by dividing it up into color codes. Red means Alert, Orange is a warning and Green is normal.


The module was contributed by Kiran Patil who has also blogged about the module here and other tips on how to optimize the cache on your site.

The Move Validator makes sure that when you create an item under another item, the item gets validated so that you are only allowed to insert items from a template that is specified in the assign options.

So after you have set up the move validator under sitecore/system/modules move validator settings and now try and insert an item or create an item from a template which isn’t on the assign options list you will get this


The module was contributed by Daniel DeLay and Tim Braga from Velir Studios.

The Design Support module allows you to create multiple designs for you site and easily test them out in either the Page Editor or Preview. So if you have some sites that have a similar structure and that you want to test out different designs you can after installing the module create an item from a template that is being used in your site and create another layout or put the controls into another placeholder.

As an example we have here the Starter Kit sample site and if we open it in the Page Editor and the design starts by being the default


and our site looks like this


and by clicking the design 1 button we now have a different color on our site and the news section next to the three announcements are now gone.


This is of course a very simple demonstration and you can probably find better use for it on your site than what I just did to test this out.

I have also created a video review on my YouTube channel so that you can see the module in action. You can use this link here.

Of the modules that have been updated the Google Maps module was updated to work with the latest version of Sitecore by a JavaScript fix by Mario Bonilla, you can read more about the JavaScript issue by reading the forum post.

The Multi Media Field had an issue with a conflicting class name also being used by the Sitecore API, so a simple renaming of the class and the name in the include file fixed all that up.

This was the roundup for this time, happy coding.


~ by Jimmie Overby on May 2, 2011.

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