Productivity tools and a list of new releases on the Shared Source library

This time we have two cool new modules, the Version Manager and the Mobile Device Detector and other shared source modules was updated so they now work with the latest version of the OMS and another module was updated with new features. This made one of the Sitecore MVPs request a list of new releases so that you besides keeping track of new modules added to the shared source library you can also keep track when an existing module gets updated in one way or the other.

The Version Manager which was contributed by Kirill Tjutjunnyk, allows users to keep the required number of versions for a content item and archive obsolete ones. You can configure the module to either remove obsolete automatic or remove them manually by opening the Version Manager application under Sitecore/all applications and selecting the item you want to make obsolete.

On the modules project room you can read more on how you can restore an archived version of an item by renaming the serialized item and placing it in the correct folder.

You can also see the video review of the module here.


The Mobile Device Detector combines the power of WURFL database for detecting mobile devices and the flexibility of the Sitecore rules engine for determining the appropriate Sitecore device. The module was contributed by Alexander Doroshenko and you can read more about how the module came about by reading his blog post here.

The project room also contains documentation on how to install the module and add sections in the web.config and the Global.asax files.


Alistair Deneys, one of the Sitecore MVPs updated the Page Rate and Review analytics modules to work with the latest version of Sitecore. So that you can add the controls to your site running on a OMS version 1.1.1 and get some analytics data on how people rate whatever you want to rate on your site.

The EviBlog module is now at version 1.7.2 and some of the new features that it now includes count updated CAPTCHA with options to use Sitecore.CAPTCHA or Google’s ReCAPTCHA, a new feed control in the sidebar to link to blog RSS feeds. It includes the “sc:VisitorIdentification” tag in the main blog layout for OMS robot detection and have a new default theme (techphoria) as seen here.

Alistair had the idea that it would be a good indication to others that the projects that have some activity on them and that it would help if you are using one of those modules to see if it has been updated recently. I thought that sounded like a good idea so we have introduced a new versions list on the shared source library to inform you of the modules that have been added to work with a newer version of Sitecore, have added functionality or had some bugs fixed. So the next time you visit the Sitecore shared source library you can also check out the list of new releases.


~ by Jimmie Overby on March 16, 2011.

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