Shared Source in the new year

Starting the new year we have started the better shared source initiative where we have taken a number of our most popular shared source modules and assigned a Sitecore solution architect for each of the selected modules. You can read more about the initiative in my last post.

Also in January we added more modules to the shared source library. The Bits on the run module, a provider that connects to the Bits on the run video service which you can read more about here.

You can read more about BitsOnTheRun on the modules project room where you can download the package which contains a sample layout to get you started.

The Compiled Domain Model module helps you create domain model classes based on your Sitecore templates and is capable of validating the model with Sitecore data at any given moment.


Visit the project room to learn more about the advantages you get by developing your site using this module, where the contributor has written a very thorough piece of documentation on its use.

You can also view this YouTube video by the contributor were he explains how the module works by going through the steps of creating a hangman game in Sitecore.

The Color Picker module gives you a custom field that helps storing color codes in Sitecore.

So by adding the color picker field to your template you can set a color by clicking set color and you will get this window.


The contributor has also created a YouTube video where he explains the use of the module and have a post here.

Recently Sitecore released Sitecore E-Commerce and now we have the first shared source module for it. The Sefe Extensions extends the pricing model used by Sitecore E-commerce and you can read more about on the blog post written by the contributor here.

The Foundry Site Center allows Sitecore users to create sites without being a Sitecore Administrator.


With the Foundry Site Center module you can create your sites in the form of clusters and sub sites so by setting a security on an item or a folder you can make sure that when a user logs into Foundry to edit sites, the user can only see the sites that he can edit, hiding the other sites.

You could also choose to setup your sites to fit your organization, so create a folder for each of your departments and then set the security on that folder so that people in sales only sees the sites that is relevant to sales.

This is the first module for Foundry that have been added to the Sitecore shared source library and therefore we have added a new section to the index page. Visit the project room to read more about the module and download the package and have a look at the source if you want to know how it works.

This was the modules for January, more to come in the future so stay tuned.

~ by Jimmie Overby on February 1, 2011.

One Response to “Shared Source in the new year”

  1. Nice post Jimmie, and thanks for mentioning my Compiled Domain Model module.

    I’m currently working on a template for my module that makes it possible to generate a WCF Service. That way, you can have external systems (or a Silverlight application) talk to Sitecore using types based on your templates. Copying the ascx file from the trunk into the released version is enough.

    Any feedback and ideas on the module are more then welcome; just drop me a line.

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