Sitecore Stuff released and modules contributed in November


Sitecore Stuff has been released after having being tested by the Sitecore MVP’s. Stuff is a bunch of validation rules, sub item sorting, security presets, Visual Studio Templates and other cool features which can improve your productivity like having a validation to make you aware of the latest version of an item has been serialized.

You can on the project room also find an instructional video on how you can get all the available validation rules etc. for your site by either installing the package with the validation rules and then adding the serialized items or downloading the source and compiling the validation rules you want to use.

The document on the wiki gives you an overview of all the validation rules there is available to download.

The Sitecore Image Zoom module adds a magnifying glass to the image you have selected on your rendering which you can set the size of as well. You can get the module at the project room and to see it in action you can view a video review of the module on my YouTube channel here.


With the Micro Blogging module you can add a control on your site that gives you a Twitter like blogging feature where you can write small 140 words texts on your site. This can either be limited to users on your site or also allow anonymous users to write updates on your site.


The module was developed by Tim Ward, he is blogging here and to get this module just visit the project room and download the package and follow the steps described to get the same functionality on your site.

The Notifications module when installed allows you to quickly send emails to multiple roles and users from within the Sitecore desktop. The main benefit of this is to easily send a quick notification to users on an upcoming change or scheduled downtime. The module has been designed to work with other membership providers like AD integration.


To learn more on the Notifications module you can read more about it on its project room where you can also download the package to get started sending quick notifications to your users.

The purpose of the Open Xml Sync is that in Sitecore any media file has a corresponding Sitecore item and that have many benefits but sometimes you don’t want that separation. For instance the Sitecore item and the media file may both support the concept of keywords and you might want to ensure that if you change one of these keywords in the document it should also change in the Sitecore item.

The Open Xml Sync module aims to provide that so for instance if you upload a document to your media library with this module installed and you should have a title on the document the corresponding Sitecore item will fill in the title field by using the keyword from the document.

On the project room you can read the documentation for how to use the module and how to install it and download the source code if you wish to see how it was done or if you want to improve upon it.

The module was contributed by Adam Conn who you can find blogging here

The Image Cropper module allow you to crop images by adding a crop section to the image URL so that you can crop and image and get rid of black bars around an image or to display a series of images in different sizes in a orderly way.

So for instance if you give an image a &crop=1 parameter an image will turn from this


to this


To read more about the Image Cropper and how you can do the same for your images, have a look at the modules project room where you will be able to download the source as well.

The Advanced Database Crawler extends the default database crawler and to get a better idea of how this module can be used the contributor Alex Shyba has created a blog post here where he has made a very interesting video about it uses.

After watching the video and perhaps getting some ideas on how to use this on your own site you can download the source on the project room.

The Search and Replace module enables you to search in item fields from the master database and replace found items with some other text. It also allows you to search in all databases and in all versions.


The package as well as the source for the module can be found on the modules project room.

The Language Fallback project room got created after Dmitry Kostenko contributed with the Language Fallback Item Provider module and shortly after Alex Shyba wrote a post on his blog about how it could be extended to be a partial language fallback and gave you some additional options. You can read the blog post here and see the video where he talks about the benefits of the partial language fallback that he created and then we created one project room to hold both versions instead of having two separate project rooms.

This concludes the new modules that have been adding since my last posting, if you should have a Sitecore module that you would like to share with other Sitecore developer please feel free to contact me at jo – at –


~ by Jimmie Overby on December 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Sitecore Stuff released and modules contributed in November”

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  2. Question for the Sitecore Stuff module and the Visual Studio templates. Is it the same that comes with Sitecore Rocks? og are these different/better

    • Sitecore Rocks template are newer versions of the Sitecore Stuff templates.

      We don’t expect to add any additional templates to Sitecore Stuff. New templates goes directly to Sitecore Rocks.

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