Shared Source modules contributed in October

In October three more modules got added to the Sitecore Shared Source Library. You can read more about them below and follow the links to visit their project rooms to download the modules.

The modules range in the categories from code productivity, a data provider and added functionality to your site.

The Custom Item Generator is a tool that is used to create classes which will wrap access to a template’s fields. Gabriel Boys one of the contributor of the module have also blogged about it here. He also states that in the near future he will write more posts on how to get the most out of this module.

On the modules project room you can already now read the extensive documentation and get started using the module if you want to get started right away.

The Language Fallback Item Provider module implements a Sitecore item provider with the intention of providing language fallback functionality when there is no available version in the database for a specific language.

Other Sitecore blogger’s have also written about the subject of having more versions of the English language for instance.

Alistair Deneys wrote a post on the dictionary being ignored which you can find here. Then Mark Cassidy read that post and followed it with a post of his own here on Sitecore language settings and asked what your best practices was. The idea was to create an application that could fallback to a set language if a version of an item wasn’t available. He suggested that he could mock up something if there where any interest and share it. It seems that Sitecore developer Dmitry Kostenko beat him to it and contributed with the Language Fallback Item Provider to the Shared Source Library.

The Customized Start bar is a further development of the Quick Launch Toolbar also developed by Alistair Deneys. You can catch Alistair blogging here.

The customized start bar includes the quick launch icons in the start bar


from the now deprecated module and adds the database name onto the start bar,


so if you have your content editor open and want to make sure that the changes you are making are in master and not web database you don’t need to close the application.

You can get the module by visiting the project room and download the package to get the same functionality on your site.

This concludes the modules added in October but keep a look out for November where we are adding a new module to the Flash category.


~ by Jimmie Overby on November 3, 2010.

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