ASR v.1.3 and new modules in the Shared Source Library

Since my last post we have added a number of modules to the shared source library and updated one of the most popular modules the Advanced System Reporter.

 Inline Item List Field

The purpose of the Inline Item List field is to allow content authors to add/edit/remove items within the source of a Multi list type of field without needing to leave the item they’re currently editing.

The module is very well documented and explains the steps you need to do so that you can get it up and running.

The module was developed by Adam Weber.


Automated Publisher

The Automated Publisher module is a module that will automatically generate a Sitecore task to publish an item after its scheduled publication date.

The module was created by Joel Konecny and David DeBruin who are blogging here 

Template Usage Reporter

Inspired by the  Presentation Usage Reporter, the Template Usage Reporter module is a simple shared source module that integrates into the Template Manager.

Template Usage Reporter module features the Template Usage editor tab. For a given data template, the Template Usage editor tab details all referrers and dependent referrers while filtering by referrer dependency level.

The module was developed by Seth Luersen from Sitecore.


The Advanced System Reporter is now at version 1.3. The documentation has been updated to the latest version and you can now set a scheduled task to send you an  email with the report you generated.

It already comes with a long list of reports like:

  • items modified updated in the last X days
  • items that have more than X children
  • items that are publishable but either do not exist or have a different version in the web database.
  • items that are based on a particular template
  • items with validation errors
  • which templates have been linked to a workflow
  • locked items
  • publishable items with broken links
  • audit information
  • errors in the log files

and by following the documentation and perhaps download the source to get a feel for how the available reports got put together.



There was also added two modules on search, the Bidirectional Lucene Search and the File Crawler. So together with the Index Viewer and Lucene Search I created a section called search so the modules is easier to find looking at the ever expanding list of modules. Talking of the Index Viewer, it recently got updated to Sitecore 6.2 with a nice UI update and it is now using the Sitecore.Search API.


You can use this module to learn how to navigate bidirectional relationships in Sitecore using Lucene search. The content includes two Web controls that display related Office Product items in the side bar of the Training Sample site. When you download this module you get a Sitecore update package and a Visual Studio solution that contains all the source code.



This module enables you to create a File Crawler that uses the Sitecore.Search API to display search results in Sitecore Desktop Search. It extends Sitecore Desktop Search functionality by including Sitecore items and files from the Web site root in the search results. You can use this module as a way of learning how to create and implement your own search crawler.


You can use News Mover to automatically relocate news articles based on an article release date. So when you have created a news article template and set up the config correctly and created an item using the news article template, it will then be placed in a folder structure with ‘year’, ‘date’ and ‘day’.



The Heat Maps Module will allow users to see where users are clicking on the page to give marketers feedback on what is being clicked and what is not. The control works by tracking all clicks and logging them in the analytics DB. The user is then allowed to login to the Sitecore Desktop or Content Editor to view where users are clicking. The module also allows users to filter on all users in the system.



If you should have a module that you want to contribute with to the Sitecore Shared Source Library, please let me know and I will set up your own project room.


~ by Jimmie Overby on June 28, 2010.

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