Music, community and productivity

I guess the header sums up pretty well the kind of modules that have been added to the shared source library since my last post. The Telligent Community integration module has been updated with a very nice wizard that allows you with ease to add blogs, wiki’s and forums to your Sitecore site.

Adam Conn has written a blog post here where he talks about the integration with the Telligent Community and Sitecore and a number of videos explaining what the integration gives you.

The Sitecore Player uses the same structure as the Dynamic Flash for marketers module but instead of showing images it plays mp3 files.


You can see a video of how it works here

Other modules added are the Workflow escalator, Page editor control and the Data item generator.

The Workflow escalator module allows you to schedule jobs to send out notifications to Sitecore users about pending workflow items. You can visit the project for the module here.

With the Page editor control you can edit droplists, droplinks and multi-lists through the Page editor using the inline editing.

The Data Item Generator module allows you to access and do operations on data items in an easy way by using the object representation of your data items in the source code. To read more about the module and on how to get started you can visit the project room here.


~ by Jimmie Overby on April 15, 2010.

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