How the shared source library has grown

Last January there where 85 modules available in the shared source library and at the end of this January we now have 126 available modules. I think that is quite amazing, that in a year the list have grown with so many modules being contributed by a range of people developing for Sitecore and wanting to share something that they created with other users of Sitecore CMS.

Modules added since my last post:

The Account Selector Field module should help users to easily make lists of Sitecore Security Accounts, for which some custom logic may be applied. You can follow this link to get to the project room to download the package and source.

The Language Registration tool allows to register a language in Sitecore that doesn’t have the corresponding language in MS Windows, for example “Eastern Scottish”, by registering a custom culture in .NET framework. Use this link to get to the modules project room to download the package.

The StartUp module makes Sitecore start up applications after login, that was selected by user. Use this link to get to the modules project room and download the package.

The XML Viewer module adds a tab in the developer center that allows you to view the raw XML that Sitecore is working with. Download the package by visiting the modules project room here.

To get the first blog post of the year going I thought that I would try and mention some of the cool modules on the list, a tough job because there are so many but to start with there is the Dynamic Flash for marketers that if you have seen the Nicam demo site, it is the flash rotator on the front page that got enhanced with inline editing and a long list of settings that could be tweaked.

The Image Gallery module using SilverLight gives you a nice slideshow that can be set so that you can change between different categories and scales nicely in full screen mode.

Then there is the new EviBlog by Mark van Aalst that puts the old blog module that Sitecore had in the ground. With inline editing, Live Writer integration, tag cloud and etc.

The Task Manager gives you the same functionality as a Windows task manager where you can monitor processes and close publishing windows to do other things and see in the task manager when it is finished.

Then there is the newly updated Unused Media Manager that gives you a number of reports to find the media files that you no longer use and either wants to archive or remove completely.

The Sitecore Language Translator uses Google translate to auto translate text on your site to any language supported by Google and the Google maps module integrates Google maps with Sitecore with any hassle.

Utilizing the latest OMS and reporting features there are a number of modules that uses those, like the Poll module which is easy to setup and gives you a report on who has taken the poll and what they had chosen.

The Index Viewer is a Sitecore integrated Lucene index browser and with it you can search all indexes defined in the web.config. An easy way to search through all databases without switching between databases and closing windows that you have open.

And the list goes on, there are modules that will add content to your site and there are modules that will provide functionality to developers when creating the site.

I am still making videos for some of the shared source modules which you can see on my YouTube channel here. They should give you a quick introduction of what the modules does. So that you are better informed before installing a module before hand.

So I am hoping that 2010 will see the same level of activity or better than last year for the contributions to the Shared Source Library.


~ by Jimmie Overby on February 4, 2010.

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