November update

This is an update from the Sitecore shared source in November, with new modules, updated modules and video reviews that you can find on YouTube by searching for the author ShareSitecore.

New modules added in November.

Sitecore Utilities

I also mentioned this module in my last post so I will just say that the module won the Australian Sitecore User Group modules competition, it was created by Steven Lim which won a Logitech DiNovo keyboard, Tim Ward has more details on the matter here with some details on the next modules competition.

Sitecore Web DAV

The Sitecore Web DAV module or FileDropArea Grid View is designed to render the content of the FileDropArea field type.

On the project room which can be found here you can download a sub layout which contains the FileDropArea control so that you can easily add it on your site and have Web DAV functionality.

LINQ to Sitecore

This module provides a LINQ style programming interface to the Sitecore API for developers working with .Net 3.5 and above. It can be configured to be used with version 5 and 6 of Sitecore. It was developed by a group of developer at True Clarity and was committed by Keith Wood.

Visit the project room using this link.


The EviBlog module has a lot of new features such as inline editing, webedit ribbon and uses the integrated RSS feeds that is built into Sitecore 6.2. The module makes it easy to customize the theme of your blog with some CSS changes.

One of the coolest features I think is the Windows Live Writer integration. With a simple setup you are now able to write your post in Live Writer and hit the publish button and you will see the post on your blog.

The module was created by Mark van Aalst who is blogging here and you can visit the project room here to download the module as well as two sample blogs.

modules updated

The OMS Poll module was updated for Sitecore 6.2 with the version 2.0. It contains ability to edit Poll item/options Tracking field directly during installation via the installation wizard.

The YouTube Integration module was updated to work with Sitecore 6.2 and fixed a bug where the media library gave an error if there where no connection to YouTube.

Video reviews of Shared Source modules

Unused Media Manager

The Unused Media Manager module got updated to a newer version and some additional features got added. So I thought that I needed to update the video as well. You can see the video review of the new version using this link.

Sitecore Web DAV

Shortly after we released the Sitecore Web DAV module I created a short video on its use here to let people get a preview of the module before installing it or seeing it for the first time and then going to the Trac project room to download it.



A long with the release of the EviBlog module I created two videos where I am demonstrating the functionality of the module. That ended up in these two videos one and two.


~ by Jimmie Overby on December 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “November update”

  1. I’ve been testing the EviBlog module and it looks good to me. I noticed that when user submits his/her comments, the comments are immediately available on the blog, even though workflow is in place for the blog comments template. Is it possible to only publish the comments when the workflow is completed?

    • Hi Raymond,

      I would let Mark van Aalst answer this seeing that he developed the module. You can either ask your question on the shared source forum on SDN or on his blog here His most recent comment seems to be about the launch of the module as well.

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