Shared source in October


In October we launched two new modules to the Shared Source Library, the Layout Manager and the Insert Sitecore Media.

Layout Manager

The layout Manager was created by contributor Paul Martin and is a tool that allows you to view an item’s assigned layouts, sub layouts and renderings in the context of its placeholder tree. The module also contains a “Complete Placeholder’s Reference” which provides a quick reference for all placeholders contained by layouts or sub layouts on your site.


You can find the project room here where you can download the package as well as the source and read about the steps you need to perform in order to get started.

SIP modules section on shared source library

With the addition of the Insert Sitecore Media module we have started a section on the Shared Source library for modules that are available for SIP.

Insert Sitecore Media

The first module in the SIP section enables “insert Sitecore media” in the rich text editor on a SIP installation on frontend editing.

The project room is available here where you can download the package, read the documentation and if you want to make some changes to the modules the source is easily downloaded with an SVN client.

Sitecore Utilities

Although not released in October I still want to mention the module Sitecore Utilities. It was developed for the shared source modules contest held by the Australian User group and won.

The tool adds a new section to the Content Editor with an unpublish button, some sorting methods and a button to clear server cache.


If you want to check out this module you can visit the project room here where you can download the package and the documentation for it as well.

~ by Jimmie Overby on November 2, 2009.

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