Dynamic Flash for marketers module and latest modules

Before I went on vacation we released a number of new Sitecore shared source modules.

Dynamic flash for marketers

If you have seen the Nicam demo site, you have probably seen the flash rotator on the front page. In order to make this into a shared source module, we thought that is what somewhat limited in how you could configure it.

So the first feature it should have was the ability to display more than three images and it could be nice if you in the Page Editor could edit the text for the images, so that in edit mode you could use the buttons to go back and forth between the images to do your editing.

Lars Pedersen, the Flash master who took the original flash and added a whole list of settings that you could configure from within Sitecore. Lars is twittering here. You can read more about these settings on the modules project room which can be found here along with the package to download which contain the source for the flash as well as the XSLT renderings Lars Nielsen assisted me with. Lars Nielsen is blogging here.



Sitecore Language Translator

A cool module that integrates into the Content editor and allows you to translate your text to any language supported by Google Translate. The module was created by Tim Ward from Sitecore Australia, he is blogging here.

You can download the package here at the modules Trac project room, where you find the documentation and the source as well.


Sitecore and YAF(Yet Another Forum) integration

Sitecore now has an integration to Yet Another forum the popular .Net based application, developed by Brian Pedersen who is blogging here created three project rooms for the Sitecore shared source library dedicated to the integration and the ability for single sign-on, so that your login for Sitecore can be used for YAF.

The three project rooms for the Sitecore and YAF integration can be found here for the Sitecore integration project room, here for the YAFIntegration and here for the YAF Single Sign-on project room.

Community Server Integration

There is now also a module that provides you with an integration between Sitecore and Community Server. Like YAF this integration also allows Sitecore users to access with their account Community Server’s content as well as allowing the Community Server’s users access to the Sitecore content. The module was created by Andrey Kovalenko from Sitecore Ukraine.

The project room for the module can be found here where you can download the packages you need in your Sitecore and Community Server installation as well as some examples on how to get started.


~ by Jimmie Overby on August 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “Dynamic Flash for marketers module and latest modules”

  1. Is it possible to get the source fla for the dynamic flash for marketers module as unfortunately the header font has been embedded as “Arial” and also requires the bold setting, otherwise your text disappears. It’s also forcibly capitalised. Alternatively, are there any plans to make the font parameter for the header work or could a choice of typical web fonts be included (e.g. times, georgia, verdana, lucida etc.)?

    • Hi David,
      The fla file should be available in the trunk as a zip file. Please have a look at the browse source section on the Trac project room and it should be there.

  2. hi!
    i keep getting a grey flash pbject as a result.
    it was working but then i changed the icon_over to another image and since then it doesnt work. So i changed the image back to the one before and it still doesnt work.

    Plz help!

    • Hi Marcus,
      Could you please post this on the Shared Source forum on sdn.sitecore.net?

      It is not something that I have seen before, so we might need to send some posts back and forth to solve this and I would prefer we do it in the shared source forum so others who might also get this can possibly find a solution.
      Also did you change the XSLT’s or just change the image? If you don’t get any flash images at all, it might be that the source isn’t pointing to the flash item any longer.

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