Sitecore Shared source is growing

Seeing that it is a long time since my last post, I thought that I should write a post telling about all the modules that got added since my last post to the Shared source library and that I also started making short video review of the modules, so I will also touch on that subject and let you know where you can find them if you are interested.

Quick Launch Toolbar

This module gives you quick access to your most used Sitecore applications from your toolbar like you have in Windows.


You can visit the project room here to see how to install and add your most used applications to the toolbar.

Image Gallery

The image gallery module can be found here with instructions on how to add it to your site. It uses some Silverlight that was created by Vertigo and then adapted by Lars Nielsen to work with the media library in Sitecore, so that each folder is an album and then from the Page Editor you can upload more images so you won’t have to go into the client to do so.


Xsl code behind

This module created by Thomas Eldblom from Pentia allows you to add code behind files to your XSLT files in the same way that you would an ASP.NET page. You can visit the project room here and to get a more thorough insight into why you need this module, you can start with the first of three blog post on the subject here.

Index Viewer

The index viewer uses the Lucene search engine to open an index defined in the web.config file, without changes databases. It was created by Jens Mikkelsen that is blogging here along side Thomas Eldblom. You can also visit the module project room here to learn more about it and the place to download it.

RSS Reader

The reader allows you to aggregate RSS feeds and display them on your web site. It was develop by Alenka Caserman and you can visit the project room here and she is blogging here.

Presentation Usage Reporter

The presentation Usage Reporter or PUR for short allows developers to run a report that will find all the content items and data template’s standard values which the use the selected presentation component.

If you want to learn more about this module or just want to download it, you can visit the project room here.


This is a very cool module that when installed gives you a package checker when you are creating them in the package designer. Like for instance you add in item, it checks to see if you remembered the template and also reminding you to check if you remembered your assembly and layouts.

If you want to learn more about the PCheX or just want to get your hands on the package the project room can be found here.


We have also started a new section in our index page called Link Management, that contains C# files that you can include in your solution to give you some functionality in the regards of link management, like the Link Provider that can convert links to lowercase and include the trailing slash character (“/”) when possible and the Media URL Transformer can convert media URLs in the rich text editor to lowercase and it has other features as well and you can download the two modules here and here. The modules was created by John West who is blogging here.

The product catalogue module got upgraded by Dmitry Vasilinenko to Sitecore 6 and if you have any request to new features or fixes you can mail them to Dmitry or post them on the shared source forum. You can visit the product catalogue project room here and Dmitry is also blogging here.

Lucene search

The search box and result page from the starter kit got extracted so that by installing a simple module you can add a search box and result page to your own site. On the project room you can see what it is currently indexing and how to extend your search to include other fields.

and go to index to see the full list of modules that is growing by the month

Shared source video reviews

I started this post by mentioning that I started creating video reviews of the shared source modules and so for the videos for the Image Gallery, Lucene search, Advanced System Reporter and the Quick Launch Toolbar. If you are interested to view these they are available on YouTube here.

So as you can see a lot of cool shared source modules for Sitecore have been created within a short while and I am sure that there are more on the way and if you have a module that you would like to share with the rest of the Sitecore community, drop me a mail and I will set you up with a project room.


~ by Jimmie Overby on March 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sitecore Shared source is growing”

  1. […] Sitecore Shared source is growing […]

  2. I installed the Advanced System Reporter with the package, but there is no menu item. I’m using Sitecore.NET 6.0.0 (rev. 090120) on IE8. Any suggestions?


    • Hi Donna,

      I am not sure why there is no menu item. I had that issue myself and a reinstall fixed it. If not, I will let the maintainers of the module know about this issue.

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