Free, Shared and the all the new modules

This month a number of things has happened, before going into the new modules I want to talk about the change for the free modules. For those of you who didn’t read the post on the shared source forum about the free modules to shared source, here is a short recap.

The free modules GoTo Item, Media conversion tool, Sitecore Plus and the External Link checker has been moved to the shared source library. They have all gotten their own project room and seeing that it is now shared, the source code is now available for download if you want to modify it to suit your solution. If you want to read the full post on SDN you can find the link here.

Some of the features from those modules is obsolete for Sitecore 6, meaning that they are included in the product. One of those features that is not, is the Auto doc and I have been hearing that people want that for Sitecore 6 as well. So we have split the Auto doc from the Plus module, giving it a project room of its own and upgraded it to Sitecore 6. You can find the project room here.

A new module coming from Sitecore is the Unused Media Manager, a module that can scan your installation and remove the unused media. To learn more about the module visit the project room here and it is of course for Sitecore 6.

From outside Sitecore we have a module from Alistair Deneys, the Editor line numbers module a module that he first told the world about on his blog and I then asked him if he didn’t want to have it as a shared source module, hoping that if it was placed on SDN people who don’t necessarily read his blog will still get to know about it. The module is already available on the shared source library under Sitecore customizations. You can read more about his doings on his blog by using this link. He is also the guy behind Revolver a command line tool for Sitecore, which you can read more about on his blog.


~ by Jimmie Overby on September 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Free, Shared and the all the new modules”

  1. Thanks for the promo Jimmie 🙂 . Just a minor update; you missed the ‘s’ on my last name: Deneys.

  2. Sorry about that, consider it fixed.

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