Sitecore, Shared Source and beyond

During the last four months, a lot have been going on. We started the Shared Source initiative and launched Sitecore version 6. Also the forums on SDN have really been seeing the activity, in July the forum posts where up to a staggering 10171 posts in total and that is almost 500 post in July alone, with the forum members climbing to almost 3000.

Also the Shared source forum that got started in April have been well visited with questions about the modules, be it problems or a request to upgrade one of the more popular modules. Seeing the Blog module, RSS and the Multiple Sites Manager upgraded as well as the AdRotator and the Meta-tags module and the list should expand as we get request to upgrade them. Developers are of course more than welcome to contribute to the modules by upgrading them or adding new features.

In the last four months we have added ten new shared source modules to the list not including the Wizard and Extranet from the Free modules section. Some of the latest additions to the list is the extensive Domain objects by Mark Cassidy, a tool for Sitecore developers that is designed to make tasks related to data and data storage easier.


This approach should make it possible to use the same code across different Sitecore versions.

Another newly added module is the Advanced System Reporter, that allows you to generate reports of all sorts. An example is having all the locked items for all users.


Also a module that keeps getting bigger is the Sitecore Field types module, that gives you a Carousel, a Slider and a Visual list to use as a graphical representation of a list in Sitecore instead of the usual plain list that comes as default.


The list of shared source keeps expanding and there seems to be much excitement around the latest release of Sitecore with the new security model and all the new in-line editing. Who knows where this might lead.


~ by Jimmie Overby on August 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sitecore, Shared Source and beyond”

  1. So… I take it that the blog module doesn’t work in 6.0… I installed the 5.3 modules assuming that it would be backwards compatible but now everything is broken. And I cannot uninstall.

    So I just reinstall sitecore and start again.


  2. Hello Joel,

    I can understand that you are having problems with the blog module. The security has changed for Sitecore 6 so you should install this package instead if you have any problems with the module, please post them on the shared source forum on SDN and I will look into solving the issues that you might have.

  3. Ahh there is a forum… Excellent. All apologies for my inherent frustration – I am just starting out down the sitecore road and am still a bit lost.

    Just downloaded the latest package, will give it a go. That you very much!

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