Shared Source modules ready for Sitecore 6

Now that Crestone has successfully shipped here June 30. there are now already some Shared Source modules that work on Crestone.

We have updated some of the popular modules for Sitecore 5.3 to 6. One of these modules are the RSS Module, not only does it work for Sitecore 6 there is also added support for iTunes with the ability to add iTunes-specific channel and item level attributes, such as iTunes:author. Another feature that was added is the ability to use podcasting.

The Blog module is hot in its heels and should be released to its Trac project room in the near future, I just want to polish it and looking into adding a tag cloud. So hopefully it won’t be to long.

We also welcome a list of new modules that will find a place on SDN very soon. The FieldTypes module provides additional field types for the Sitecore client, like the Carousel, Slider and the Visual List. To view examples of all of these features visit its project room at which have a description and images on how these work.

The Domain Objects by Mark Cassidy is an efficiency tool that let´s Sitecore developers work more productively by giving a cleaner interface between the business and Sitecore domain. It should also help with maintenance and transitions between versions. You can read more about this extensive module on the Trac project room where the author has created documentation on getting started and working smarter with Sitecore, packages for versions 5.3 and 6.0 and the source code available if you want to contribute to his work.

~ by Jimmie Overby on July 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Shared Source modules ready for Sitecore 6”

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  2. This is a long shot…but do you know how to fix the RSS module, so that the content from the “title” and “description” field is actually also being displayed in the feed?

    I have researched the shared source forum ( and can see that I am not the only one having this problem. But oddly enough there does not seem to be any solutions mentioned anywhere.

    I am just wondering if it is an easy fix that one could do or if it is advanced stuff. Can you guys maybe help me out?

    I should mention that I am using Sitecore 6.0.2 and version 1.5 of the RSS module. But it seems that the problem mentioned is general in the various Sitecore versions.

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