Building a Sitecore package

In addition to having guidelines on what information and what files a package should contain, we would like to encourage developers to start building packages as described under the “How to build the source code for Sitecore” located under the How to contribute section.

Contributors may need source and items

The strategy for Sitecore Shared Source contributors is to move physical files, that remains under source control into the SVN server, giving the benefits that comes with a traditional source control (such as version control, source comparison etc.). Items, however, cannot be checked into traditional source control and must be maintained through other means. Sitecore best practices prescribes that content items (content, templates, masters), and items referring to physical files (layouts, XSLT files) should be maintained in a Sitecore package.

This allows developers to check out their project files using SVN agents (e.g. Tortoise SVN, command line, or directly from Visual Studio). As they check out the files, they will also check out a Sitecore package containing the items for the project. All they need to do, if they want to contribute, is to install the package, and maintain it afterwards.

The name of the package belonging to the project should be named [Projectname]Items, e.g.

End user developers may just need the module, not the source

As some developers may not want to get the actual source files, but rather use the packaged version of the module with the compiled result, Sitecore best practices for Shared Source contribution prescribes those contributors should compile a Sitecore package with such files only.

The contents of this package should, – just as the above package, contain content items and items referring to physical files. However, as developers will not be using SVN, executables and related files should also be held within the package (e.g. aspx pages, web user controls and the binaries that supplies code for these front end pages).

The name of the package for pure module usage should be named [Projectname]WithoutSource, e.g.

To visit the example project to read more click here to go to the project room.

We also have an addition to the list of modules, Alex de Groot has contributed with a module called Sitecore Translation which can be found under modules on SDN or simple visit the project room here.

Alex is also blogging about Sitecore, you can read his blog here.

If you think that there is a part of contributing to the shared source initiative that isn’t covered well enough, please let me know and I will see what I can do.


~ by Jimmie Overby on June 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Building a Sitecore package”

  1. Why not to use an ItemSync? Actually it serializes item databases as files. And, in a short time, I’ll be working on integration ItemSync with SVN, so it will be even more easy to use it.

  2. Hi Dmitry,

    All though ItemSync is a very nice tool, I think that it is still to early to start using.

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