Adding even more modules to the list

This week three modules is being added to the roster for the shared source section on SDN.

They have all been developed by Ivan Sharamok, a technical Analyst at Sitecore. The first module is called Cross Database TreeList Field, a module that allows you to access data in a field from another database. You find the module in the Sitecore Customization section, here you can also get a more detailed description of the module.

The second module called Versionable Media can be found in the Sitecore modules section under Shared Source. It is a tool that will gives you the option of versioning the media files in Sitecore. This let’s you have different data for the same media item.

Sitemapper is the third module, it allows you to have the same site name with different host names for the same or several sites. It gives you the ability to create sites that can share one site resource from the Web.config file. The Sitemapper will be placed under modules in the Shared Source section, here you can learn more about the module.

When you visit the project rooms for the modules, you can from the Wiki page download the package if you want to use it straight away and under the browse source tab, you can download the source code if you want to develop on them.  

Ivan Sharamok also have a blog here, in which he states “…is dedicated to Sitecore tools and customization”. So if you want to learn more about his discoveries go check it out.

~ by Jimmie Overby on April 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Adding even more modules to the list”

  1. Great!

    However can I ask when is some code considered a module, and when is it just something put on the sdn Scrapbook?


  2. A module doesn’t have to be a large project, it can also offer some small improvements, but should still be working. If a developer has an idea of something he wants to create he can be given a project room that he can work in and have others join in on the project. When it has matured enough, it will find a place on SDN under the section that it most suitable for.

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