The Wizard module is following suit.

Like the Extranet the week before the Wizard module is now also being moved to the Shared Source section from the Free Modules. The Wizard have also moved to the module section in Shared Source and SVN and a project room(Trac) has been created for it.

The Wizard module gives you a head start when creating a wizard to implement your project into Sitecore. The Wizard provides examples of several features like the look and feel of the wizards that Sitecore uses.

To see more about the features for the Wizard module, go visit the Shared Source section on SDN. Look under the module section and here you can find the documentation, the project room and where to download the package.

Also on the list for this week is the Sitecore Workbox gadget created by Philipp Heltewig. You can read more about him and the module on his blog. It is a gadget that lets you see all your workflows in Sitecore in the Vista sidebar.

If you wish to contribute to these modules or some of the others that are available just drop me a line at (jo at sitecore dot net).

Jimmie Overby

Shared Source Coordinator

~ by Jimmie Overby on April 22, 2008.

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