Notifications on Marketplace

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Since my last post the marketplace has had an update so now we have a notification center. So when someone interacts with a module you have contributed or writing a comment on your profile you will be notified as seen below.


You have the dropdown to show you the five latest notifications and then there is the all notifications page to view your entire history.

There has of course also been contributed a lot of cool modules since and here are some of them.

The DMS gutter module allows you to see which items have personalization and tests assigned to them.


The module was contributed by Mark van Aalst who you can find blogging here.

The Enhanced Email Action gives you some new tokens for use with a workflow email action.


It was contributed by Dan Cruickshank from Fish tank consulting.

With the Export to Json module you can export the data in the Web forms for marketers module into Json. The current Web forms only allows to export into Excel and XML so a very nice feature to be added.


The module was contributed by Mrunal Brahmbhatt.

The Limited Text Field module does as the name suggests put a limiter on how many characters your text field can include.


The module was contributed by Ruud Falier who you can find blogging here.

With the Link List Field Type module you can have a list of links using . Internal, media  and external links.


The module was contributed by Andreas Bergström who blogged about the module here.

The Security Updater allows you to define your security rules in XML. This will allow you to more easily copy your roles to another environment.


The module was contributed by Dave Leigh.

The CDN Connector allows developers to route all media requests (dynamic and static) through a proxy CDN.

The module was contributed by Katherine Lee.

The Sitecore License Expiration Module 2.0 displays a warning in the content editor when your license is about to expire and can be configured to send the administrator an email. You can set how far in advance you want to be notified.


The module was contributed by Robbert Hock

The Sitecore Log Analyzer is used to parse Sitecore log files with an interface that gives you a better overview of large data.


Some of the features include:

  • Analyzing, grouping and navigating through log entries of Sitecore instance.
  • Analyzing Sitecore instance performance using Health Monitor counters.
  • Investigating Sitecore instance lifetime using visual timeline.
  • Reporting log entries to Sitecore.

The module was contributed by Roman Chernyk.

The Sitecore Metro Desktop gives you an interface like that of Windows 8 but for your Sitecore desktop.

As you can see from the screenshot below it looks pretty cool.


The module was contributed by Alen Pelin who you can find blogging on the module here.

The Sitecore Pull up fields module allows you easily create a new base template from an existing one if you for example don’t need all the fields in it or pull new fields into one.


The module was contributed by Michael Reynolds who has a blog here where he describes in full detail how the module came about and how to use it to its full extend.

Happy coding and sharing.

Latest Marketplace modules

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Since my last post seven new modules have been added to the marketplace and in this post I want to give each a short mention in case you missed them on the marketplace.

The Sitecore PowerShell Console for Sitecore Rocks as the name suggest is the awesome Powershell Console module fitted for Sitecore Rocks. So now you can use your Powershell skills in Rocks as well.


The module was contributed by Adam Najmanowicz who you can find blogging here.

With the Sitecore E-Commerce Services MvpWebStore you are giving a project for a web store. Developers can use this project to access the Unity container, configure dependencies for the Unity container and access the API and get a list of product categories.


This is a module developed by the Sitecore E-Commerce team.

The Sitecore Adaptive Images module will detect a visitor’s screen size and rescale the images if necessary.

The module was contributed by Scott Mulligan who you can find blogging here.

The Simple Tracking Tags module gives you a solution on how to allow your web marketers to start tagging the content. The blog post below describes in detail how this is done.

The module was contributed by Andy Uzick who you can find blogging here.

The Pixlr Image Editor will enable you to edit images inside the Media Library using the Pixlr online tool without leaving Sitecore.


The module was contributed by John Penfold.

The ImageProcessor Module extends the pipeline for image processing and adds functionalities like:

  • grey scale
  • rotate flip
  • pixel precise image crop
  • center crop


The module was contributed by the guys from

The DeadUrls module helps you get rid of those 404 not found pages when your content editors move items around on your site.

The module was contributed by Mikael Högberg who you can find blogging here.

Happy coding and sharing.

New Marketplace modules

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In December we added lots more modules to the Marketplace including a logging module, a module to show the date in an easier way like 2 days instead of 48 hours, an error manager for developers, a module to give you an overview of your site if you have multiple languages, a YouTube uploader and a module that allows you to segment the emails you send to your customers.

The Logger Module provides an abstraction of the built-in Sitecore Logging features. It gives developers better control over logging output (Targets, Log Level) and allows logging to be controlled at runtime through Sitecore Backend.


The module was contributed by

The Pretty Date allows for new date types for Sitecore to display more pretty date format for different type of notifications. So instead of 48 hours, it could say 2 days


The module was contributed by Vlad Shpak.

The Sitecore Error Manager shows friendly error messages to the user. The user should see an error page, based on a Sitecore item if an error occurs.

The module was contributed by Kevin Brechbüehl from

The Splitshot module makes it easy to browse your site when having multiple languages.


It was developed by Alexander Doroshenko who you can find blogging here.

The YouTube Uploader allows you to upload videos to YouTube through the Content Editor. Like the YouTube Integration module added the videos from an author to the media library this module does it the other way around by uploading videos to Sitecore that will then be uploaded to the author’s YouTube account.


The module was contributed by John Penfold.

The Sitecore Email Campaign Manager (ECM) is a full-featured email marketing tool built into the Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform (CEP). The ECM Segmentation Module extends Email Campaign Manager and provides the ability to segment email recipients based on conditions.


This is a feature that comes with ECM2 but Morten Bork thought that this is also something the customer’s who were on version 1.x would also benefit from he developed this extension.

Happy coding and sharing.

Marketplace Updates

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Since my last post the Marketplace has been updated to support multiple downloads. Meaning that a contributor can now instead of uploading only a single package now upload packages for different versions of CMS and guides in PDF or Word format.


It also looks like that the shared source contributors have received it well and in October more than 10 modules was added.

Like the Field Suite module that add five new field types to your template creation.


The module was contributed by Tim Braga from Velir. You can find him blogging here.

The command line tool Revolver is now available in a free version will become shared source.

The module was contributed by Alistair Deneys who you can find blogging here.

The Glimpse plugin for Sitecore a module to help developers by displaying information about the current request in a browser.

The module was contributed by David Morrison.

You can search for all the other modules on marketplace

Happy coding and sharing!

Introducing the Marketplace

•October 30, 2012 • 3 Comments

At the Symposium in Amsterdam the Marketplace was announced. The Marketplace will first up be the new home for all the Sitecore shared source modules and later also the App Center modules and Sitecore’s product modules.


When building the Marketplace we have taken the feedback that we got for the Shared Source Library on Trac and tried to meet many of the obstacles that people found using it.

From a users perspective we have made finding the module you were looking for easier by using the Lucene engine and our own Taxonomy module which let’s contributors classify their modules project space so using tags will also show them the module in the search result.

From a contributor’s perspective it is now possible for them to get statistics on how many times their module has been downloaded and it has also been made easier to let the contributor know what you think of the module by rating, recommending and writing a review.


All the Shared Source modules on Trac have been moved to the marketplace and mapped to the contributor’s SDN account, if your module isn’t listed on your profile let me know and it will be fixed.

For now the source is still on the Trac’s SVN repository but the plan is to have it moved to another location, the contributor can select the one they prefer, I can recommend Codeplex or Github.

So the documentation and package will be available on the Marketplace and the source will be available where the contributors chooses.

So we are calling on all the contributors to help move the source away from Trac’s SVN.

Hope you all go visit the new Marketplace and if you have any feedback please let me know.

You can also see a video here of how to create and setup a project space on marketplace.

Happy coding and sharing!

Sitecore Item Buckets, Lucene TreeList Ex Editor and Sitecore Installer 2.0

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This time we have three cool modules; a module that allows you to manage large repositories of items, another which uses the Lucene search engine to allow you to easily search through a treelist containing several items and a module that allows you to install a version of Sitecore within a couple of seconds.

Sitecore Item Buckets allows you to manage very large structures of items. The module uses a Lucene/SOLR based framework for storing, querying and scaling Sitecore to handle these large item structures.


The module was contributed by Tim Ward.

The Lucene TreeList Ex Editor module is a custom treelist editor which uses lucene to easily find items in a large tree.

By using Lucene you can search for items you can also search on date fields and use wildcard search for your item hunting.

If you want to narrow which items you are searching through you can set up a filter for your search as well.


The module was contributed by Niket Ashesh.

The Sitecore Installer module is the module for you that frequently installs a Sitecore solutions. After an easy setup you can at any time fire up this application an create a new version of Sitecore within a couple of seconds. If you have modules that you always install after installing Sitecore, the module does that for you as well.

The module was contributed by Rasmus Rasmussen who you can find blogging here and he has made an introduction video of the module here.

Sitecore Installer v2.0

Happy coding and sharing!

Custom Clones Listing, Specialized Treelist, Fed Authenticator, Field Fallback, Image Extension and the Icon Selector

•July 13, 2012 • 4 Comments

This time around we have a module that shows all of the clone items for an item, a module that gives you search to find the items you need for your treelist field, a module for federated authentication using WIF, a module that allows you to have fallback on a field, a module that gives an image on your page the correct extension which will help with SEO and a module where you can create a rule on what kind of icon items derived from a certain template should have.

The Custom Clones Listing module is a simple extension to the Content Editor that will show all of the clone items created for a given content item.


The module was contributed by Mark Ursino who you can find blogging here.

The Specialized Treelist module is an enhancement to the existing Sitecore treelist field type. With it you use the Lucene index to search for the item in a large treelist.


The module was contributed by Martin Knudsen who you can find blogging here.

The Fed Authenticator Module allows for Federated Authentication to Sitecore using the Windows Identity Foundation.

The module was contributed by Kevin Buckley who you can find blogging here.

Field Fallback is the ability for a field’s value to come from somewhere other than the field itself, a clones source, or its standard values. Various fallback scenarios have been provided in this solution with the ability to customize it as needed. The supplied scenarios are:

* Ancestor Fallback – A field falls back to the value of its nearest set ancestor
* Lateral Fallback  – A field falls back to the value of another field, or chain of fields
* Default Fallback  – A field falls back to a text value or a token that is transformed at render time (not item creation time!)
* Language fallback – This is based on Alex Shyba’s Language Fallback module


You can find Sean blogging about the module here and on August 15 he will be presenting the module at a Sitecore user group meeting. You can read more about it here.

The Image Extension module allows you to extend the image sitecore control by using the real extension or set a default image which will appear blank if image field is empty.

The module was contributed by Benjamin Vangansewinkel who you can find blogging here.

The IconSelector is a developer productivity tool that automatically assigns icons to newly created templates and template sections based on a dictionary of patterns.


The module was contributed by Nick Allen.

Happy coding and sharing!